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Date: December 2, 2013 Author: admin Categories: News

Dear Parents,

  • If you have anything that you would like to appear in the Community Section of the January/February newsletter, please send it to me no later than Sunday, December 15th.
  • For those of you that pay your fees monthly, just a friendly note to let you know that December fees have been deposited.
  • Also, Sofaland in South Edmonton Common has kindly donated a new chair for our teachers in the afternoon classroom. Please help us by supporting those businesses that support us.

Message from the Teachers:

Christmas Is almost here and it will be a very busy few weeks! This week ( Dec 2nd) the Christmas Pot Luck  Lunch Sign Up Sheets will be put out by the Sign in Book and will be out for a few weeks to give families a chance to sign up for something. Please sign up for one thing or two things if you have two children in the program. NO NUTS PLEASE!

The Preschoolers in the afternoon will be talking about Christmas Holidays  and how they are celebrated ,with different Cultures and Traditions  around the world.If your family has a Culture or Tradition you celebrate,  write it down and you may like to  include pictures/ photos and your child can share it with the class.

We will try and go outside sometime in December depending on Mother Nature. I will put it in the weekly Memo or posted on the White Board by the Sign in Book.

MONDAY MASCOT… Has anyone seen Princess? She is a Pink Poodle.Please take a look around your home to see if she is there.
Thank- You!

Parents …if your child will not be here for the last week of school Dec 16 th – 20 th Please let the Teachers know so we can write it down and we can give them their Christmas gift before they go.