“A safe, fun and stimulating learning environment for children 19 months to 5 years old”

At Children’s Day Out (CDO) we believe that play is extremely important in the development of the preschool child. Our Full-Day preschool strives to provide a safe, fun, and stimulating learning environment for children 19 months to 5 years old. Children attend our accredited program one to two day(s) per week on a weekly basis and participate in activities like art, music, science, creative movement, free play and outdoor activities.

Our teachers choose a variety of developmentally appropriate activities based on the specific needs and interests of the children in the program. Teachers foster an environment which encourages children to develop at their own rate and according to their abilities. The program is flexible, allowing children to make choices about their activities, while at the same time maintaining routine to provide structure and security.

Children are encouraged to speak freely about feelings and problem solving. Teachers provide positive reinforcement through regular communication with the children. The program and teachers encourage development of the child’s positive self awareness and self concept, including independence and responsibility of oneself.

Specific goals and objectives of CDO are to:

  • Help the child develop as a whole individual – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.
  • Encourage the child’s independence and to develop a high level of self esteem and self concept in each child.
  • Enhance problem solving skills by allowing the child freedom to make their own choices.
  • Extend and enrich the child’s self expression.
  • Increase acceptance and understanding of others.
  • Increase the child’s ability to handle their own emotions as well as those of others.
  • Increase the child’s understanding of themselves and acceptance of reality.
  • Create an open environment free from gender and racial stereotyping.
  • Increase their ability to develop an inquisitive attitude.

Our History

CDO was formed in 1978 by a group of parents interested in providing a safe and stimulating play environment for their children. The program was developed to be a co-operative program, meaning parent participation ensures a program that meets the needs of its members and remains affordable. An executive board, comprised of elected society parents, co-ordinates the administration of the program on a yearly basis. The program also relies on the input, expertise, and cooperation of society members (parents) as to how to improve and maintain the program.


Our Location

#106, 10005-84 St NW, Edmonton, AB
Ph: (780) 469-0219

TOURS: If you would like to come have a look around our classroom or have an official tour of the program, please contact the registrar or submit your request via the contact form found on the Contact Us page. Teachers cannot accommodate unscheduled visits.